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What We Do

Re-Cycle Macon is a program operated by Centenary Community Ministries, Inc. through the support of the Knight Foundation, 880 Cities, and the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities.

The goals of this program are to:

1. Provide adults in need of transportation the opportunity to earn a bicycle.

2 Provide the space, tools, and guidance needed on a monthly basis at our co-ops for anyone to work on their bicycle, especially those who depend on a bicycle for transportation.

3. Offer service opportunities at our co-ops.

4. Most importantly, we seek to build inclusive and diverse community through our co-ops and meals.

Nothing is required to attend and to share a meal. All are welcome.

Check out our story in The Macon Telegraph to learn more about who we are and what we do and watch our video.

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It’s really helping me out because I can get to work on time, I can get back home on time.
— Kelvin

I was walking from Twiggs County to Macon every day to the Day Report Center.
— Christy

A bike helps me get back and forth from the doctor’s and to get prescriptions filled.
— Jeffery

Spotlight: Shawn Dixon


A Source of Joy

How One Woman is Bridging the Gap

In 2007 Shawn Dixon began working for Wesley Glen Ministries, a not for profit agency of the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, dedicated to serving adults with developmental disabilities. Having worked in the restaurant business prior to this, she never expected Wesley Glen would become such an important piece of her life. Though initially brought on part-time, she dove in with such dedication that Shawn was made full-time within a month.  

Her first role with Wesley Glen was as a Direct Support Professional. This took her to many different houses where she served individuals across the campus. Next she transitioned to the full-time care of four ladies. Eventually, Shawn took on Special Olympics as a volunteer coach. After nine years with Wesley Glen, she became a house manager and the Local Coordinator for Special Olympics. After five years in that role, Shawn is excited to see the positive impact ReCylce Macon’s Co-ops are having with her family and with her residents.  


She first became aware of the co-op through Laura Sugg, who invited them to be a part. Shawn brought one of her residents, Joshua Wilson, who had been in her house for five years. That night, Joshua won a gift card and cemented their excitement for the bike program. 

When asked how the program has impacted her house, she responded, “They can’t stop talking about it. They look forward to it every month.” She went on to explain that this is the first time she has seen Joshua take ownership of something so resolutely. He came up with the idea of a bike club and they have been helping us plan a community-wide bike ride for the end of September. “Joshua made fliers to hand out to other residents in all the houses. It’s one of the first times they have been able to work together with others who do not have the same limitations as them. I see how it brings them joy.” Shawn says.


The Recycle Macon Co-ops have become the highlight of her month, for her house and for her family. Five years ago Shawn decided to become a foster parent. She credits her tenure with Wesley Glen as the inspiration. “I looked at some residents that don’t have family, I realized how important it is to have a place to live and a home,” Shawn says. “Currently, I have three foster kids. They are brothers ages 13, 10, and 8. I’ve had them for almost a year. My youngest just loves the bike program! They come with me to to help build bikes. They also help with our practices at Special Olympics. They see that we are all the same and are looking for love.”  

Though originally from Alamo, Georgia, Shawn has made Macon her home and a home for so many others. Her involvement with Recycle Macon has also begun to connect her world to the greater Macon community through working together towards a shared goal. And after 14 years with Wesley Glen, Shawn can say that what began as a part time gig has transformed her life for the better. “I have learned patience through my job. I have learned that my residents are just like me, they want to be loved and to be independent. They want to do the same things we want to do. They want to be included, just like everyone else.”



Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved. Whether its donating your old bicycle, coming to our co-ops to help us fix bicycles for people in need (whatever your skill level may be!), bringing your own bicycle to work on, or simply coming to meet new people and to share a meal, YOU are welcome to be a part of this community. YOUR GIFTS are valued and needed whatever they may be. Check out our events info below or contact us to learn more about how you can get involved. Learn more ➝



Come out to one of Re-Cycle Macon’s monthly co ops to: receive guidance and tools to fix your own bicycle, the opportunity to earn a bicycle of your own, help us to work on bicycles for people in need, or just for a free meal and to meet new people. There are no expectations for your presence; we hope you will be a part of building community. Our next co-ops are scheduled for Thursday nights at 6 PM: June 27, August 22, September 26, October 24 & November 21 in the fellowship hall of Centenary Church located at 1185 Ash St. Check out photos from our last meet up.

Learn more about our next meet up➝


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